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GoTo Webinar

With the GoTo Webinar modules in Make, you can create, update, list, retrieve, and delete webinars and registrants.

To get started with GoTo Webinar, create an account at

Connect GoTo Webinar to Make


Your user role should be Super Admin to create the connection. Navigate to the Admin Center > Manage Users.

Please contact your super admin or the GoTo Webinar support team to update your role to Super Admin.

To connect GoTo Webinar app:

  1. Log in to your Make, add any GoTo Webinar module scenario, and click Create a Connection.

  2. In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection and click Save.

  3. If prompted, log in to your account and confirm the access.


You have successfully connected the GoTo Webinar app with Make and can now build scenarios.


  • Watch Webinar or Registrant


  • Get a Webinar

  • Cancel a Webinar

  • Create a Webinar

  • Get a Webinar Registrant

  • Create a Webinar Registrant

  • Delete a Webinar Registrant

  • Update a Webinar

  • Make an API Call


  • List All Organizer Webinars

  • List All Organizer Webinars

  • List All Account Webinars

  • List All Insession Webinars

  • List a Webinar's Registrants

  • List a Webinar's Registration Fields