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SugarCRM 7/8

Getting started with SugarCRM

To use any of the above modules, you need to have SugarCRM accessible from the Internet and a SugarCRM account. If you do not have SugarCRM that is publicly accessible or you do not have a SugarCRM account, then contact your system administrator or SugarCRM administrator.


If you use SugarCRM 7.9 up to 7.11, you must install Make API Platform module from here: Instructions are in the file. Contact your system administrator or SugarCRM administrator if you need more information or help to install this module.

If you use SugarCRM 8 you can either use the above method or configure API platforms using the Administration panel and add the integromat-api platform like this:


Supported versions

Note that SugarCRM 7/8 app supports only SugarCRM versions 7 and 8. It does not support SuiteCRM of any version.

Connecting the SugarCRM service to Make

To connect your SugarCRM account to Make, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. You have to specify the address (URL) of your SugarCRM instance, your SugarCRM username, and password. Note that Make does not store your username and password. After you click the Continue button, Make will validate your connection and you can continue creating your scenario.