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With Caspio modules in Make, you can:

  • retrieve application properties and list applications

  • list, deploy, and un-deploy datapages, retrieve datapage properties, and datapage deployment code

  • create and list tables, list table fields

  • create, update, search, and delete table records

  • create, update, retrieve, and delete table fields; update, and reset password field's values; and list password fields

  • list views

  • create, update, search, and delete view records

  • list tasks

  • watch records events and records created

To get started with Caspio, create an account at

To connect Caspio app, you need to obtain the subdomain, Client ID, and Client Secret values from your Caspio account and insert them in the Caspio module scenario.

  1. Log in to your Caspio account, create a Web Services API profile, and copy the Client ID and Client Secret Values to a safe place for future use.

  2. Configure the data access permission for the profile.

  3. Log in to your Make account, insert a Caspio module scenario, and click the Add button next to the Connection field.

  4. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  5. In the Subdomain field, enter your Caspio account URL address. For example,

  6. In the Client ID and Client Secret fields, enter the values from step 1.

  7. Click Save.

You have successfully established the connection. For more information, see Caspio integration section.

You can now edit your scenario and add more Caspio modules. If your connection needs reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.


Get Application Properties

Retrieves existing application properties.

List Applications

Retrieves a list of all applications.


Deploy a Datapage

Deploys an existing datapage.

Deploy all DataPages

Deploys all datapages in the application

Get DataPage Properties

Retrieves existing datapages properties.

Get a DataPage Deployment Code

Retrieves an existing datapage deployment code.

List DataPages

Retrieves a list of all datapages.

Un-deploy a Datapage

Un-deploys an existing datapage.

Un-deploy all Datapages

Un-deploys all datapages in the application.


Create a Table

Creates a new table.

List Table Fields

Retrieves a list of all table fields.

List Tables

Retrieves a list of all tables.

Table Records

Create a Table Record

Creates a new table record.

Update a Table Record

Updates an existing table record.

Search Table Records

Searches for table records or lists them all.

Delete a Table Record

Deletes an existing table record.

Table Fields

Create a Table Field

Creates a new table field.

Update a Table Field

Updates an existing table field definition.

Get a Table Field

Retrieves an existing table field.

List Password Fields

Retrieves a list of all password fields.

Reset a Password Field

Resets a password field value.

Delete a Table Field

Deletes an existing table field.


List Views

Retrieves a list of all views.

View Records

Create a View Record

Creates a new view record.

Update a View Record

Updates an existing view record.

Search View Records

Searches for view records or lists them all.

Deletes a View Record

Deletes an existing view record.


List Tasks

Retrieves a list of all tasks.


Watch Record Events

This module cannot be implemented yet; Caspio does not have webhooks.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Watch Records Created

This module can't be implemented. Tables don't always have a primary key that can be used as an ID to determine their order.