With Teachable modules in Make, you can monitor events that occur in your Teachable account.

In order to use Teachable with Make, you must first have a Teachable account. If you do not have one, you can create one at teachable.com.

Connecting Teachable to Make

To connect your Teachable account to Make, you'll need to add the desired instant trigger module to your scenario. When a specified event occurs in your Teachable account, the specified module is triggered in the Make scenario.

  1. Add the desired module to your Make scenario.

  2. Generate and copy the webhook URL.

  3. Log in to your Teachable account, and select the school you want to watch events for.

  4. Navigate to Settings > Webhooks. Click the New Webhook button.

  5. Enter the Webhook URL you have copied in step 2 above in the Webhook URL field.

  6. Select the event that will trigger the corresponding module in your Make scenario.E.g., select New Enrollment to trigger the Watch Enrollments module.

  7. Click the Create Webhook button at the bottom-right corner to save the webhook settings.

Now, every time the specified event occurs, the corresponding Watch module in your Make scenario is triggered.

For more details about adding a webhook, please refer to the Add a Webhook article in the Teachable documentation.