Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print, Google’s cloud-based printing solution that has been in beta since 2010, will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. For more details, refer to

The Google Cloud Print modules enable you to retrieve or delete print jobs and print in your Google Cloud Print account.

Getting Started with Google Cloud Print


  • A Google account

In order to use Google Cloud Print with Make, it is necessary to have a Google Cloud Print account. If you do not have one, you can create a Google account at the Google Cloud Print website.


The module dialog fields that are displayed in bold (in the Make scenario, not in this documentation article) are mandatory!

Connecting Google Cloud Print to Make

After you click the Continue button, Make will redirect you to the Google website where the dialog This app isn't verified appears.

  1. Click on the Advanced link.

  2. Continue by clicking on the Go to Make (unsafe) link.

  3. Confirm the permissions dialog by clicking the Allow button.



Deletes a print job.


Establish a connection to your Google Cloud Print account.

Job ID

Enter the ID of the print job you want to delete.

Retrieves print jobs from your Google Cloud Print account.


Establish a connection to your Google Cloud Print account.


Select the printer you want to retrieve the print jobs from.


Select the status to restrict the search results.

  • QUEUED: Job just added and has not yet been downloaded

  • IN_PROGRESS: Job downloaded and has been added to the client-side native printer queue

  • DONE: Job printed successfully

  • ERROR: Job cannot be printed due to an error

  • SUBMITTED: Job submitted to third-party service (only used for FedEx printer)

  • HELD: Job was successfully submitted but is pending some user action before being QUEUED

Sort Order

Select the sort order of the returned print jobs. The supported values are:

  • CREATE_TIME: Sort jobs in chronological order of submission.

  • CREATE_TIME_DESC (default): Sort jobs in reverse chronological order of submission.

  • STATUS: Sort jobs in ascending* order of status.

  • STATUS_DESC: Sort jobs in descending* order of status.

  • TITLE: Sort jobs in lexicographic order of title.

  • TITLE_DESC: Sort jobs in reverse lexicographic order of title.

Number of returned jobs

Set the maximum number of results Make will return during one execution cycle.