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Contact Form 7

With the Contact Form 7 module in Make, you can monitor new form submissions in your Contact Form 7.

To use the Contact Form 7 modules, you must:

Information on plugin installation can be found at the links provided. None of the WordPress plugins mentioned above are managed by Make!


We are aware of ongoing issues with the Contact Form 7 plugin in Wordpress. An alternative solution is available using the CF7 to Webhook plugin.

To connect your Contact Form 7 to Make, you'll need to generate a webhook URL in Make, and then add the webhook URL to the CF7 plugin Integrations settings.

1. Add the Watch New Form Submission module to your Make scenario.

2. Generate and copy the webhook URL.


3. Enter the copied webhook URL into your Contact Form configuration, and activate the integration.

Now, every time a form is submitted, the Watch New Form submissions module in your Make scenario is triggered.

For more details, please visit the CF7 Redirections, Integrations, and Database page.