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Fixing connection errors

App modules output the ConnectionError when the app is unavailable. For example, the app might be offline for maintenance.

Make uses the HTTP 503 and 504 status codes to identify the ConnectionError.

When a module in your scenario outputs the ConnectionError, you should check the status page of the module app. Chances are that the status page will have the URL https://status.domain, for example

When Make recognizes the module output as the ConnectionError and you don't use any error handling, Make automatically schedules rerunning the scenario.

How to handle the ConnectionError

To handle the ConnectionError, you can use the strategies for handling the RateLimitError. The most efficient strategy is to use the Break error handler to rerun the scenario after a delay:

  1. Add the Break error handler to the module that is causing the errors.

    Consider setting the delay and the number of attempts according to the importance and the schedule of your scenario.

    For example, if the app has occasional downtime for maintenance for a few hours with no availability, it might be best to set a lower number of attempts with longer time periods between them.

    On the other hand, if the app is occasionally unavailable because it's overloaded, and the scenario is important for you, it might be best to use a short time period (a few minutes) with a higher number of attempts.

For example, if you would use the Webhook trigger to ask questions to ChatGPT, but the ChatGPT app is sometimes overloaded with requests and sending back errors, your scenario and scenario settings with error handling could look like this:


Whenever the Create a completion module outputs the ConnectionError because the OpenAI servers are overloaded or unavailable, Make creates an incomplete execution with the Create a completion module.

After the delay set in the Break error handler, Make reruns the Create a completion module. If the rerun succeeds, Make will continue scheduling new scenario runs.

If the rerun fails, Make reruns the module again after the delay, up to the number of attempts set in the Break error handler settings.