Affiliate program

Make is offering an affiliate program that rewards affiliate marketers, automation experts, partners, influencers, and members of our community for referring Make.


The Make affiliate program allows you to earn commission on referring your audience and with successful Make account activations through tracked links. 

When a visitor signs up to Make using the affiliate's unique referral link, we track it and give you a commission. Anyone can join the program and start monetizing their audience through simple referrals.

To get started with the affiliate program, register here. If you are an existing affiliate, please upgrade to Make by following the instructions here.

Registering for the Make Affiliate program

If you are a new affiliate and registering for the first time:

  1. Log in to your Make account or create one at

  2. Click Your Profile Name > Affiliate program.

  3. Click Get Started as an Affiliate.

  4. In the Create your unique affiliate code field, enter a code of your choice between 5 and 20 characters. For example, johndoe.

    The code must contain lower case alphabets or lower case along with numbericals without space.

  5. In the link field, enter your entire link in the format,

  6. Complete the short survey, agree to the Terms of Service (ToS), and click Get your affiliate link.


You can view the Affiliate Dashboard that has your affiliate link.


Upgrading to Make

Existing affiliates must upgrade to Make to refer users and receive commissions.

To upgrade to Make:

  1. Log in to with the same credentials as your Integromat account.

    This ensures that you receive your commission for any of your users on Integromat have upgraded to Make.

  2. In the dashboard, click your profile > Affiliate program.

    A panel will open, and your affiliate code will be pre-populated.

  3. In the Insert your link field, enter your PayPal link.

  4. Complete the short survey, and agree to the new Terms and Conditions.

  5. Click OK.

    Make will redirect you to the dashboard, where you can copy your affiliate link and start promoting Make!

What changes with Make?

  • Affiliates get their commissions payouts based on the platform the users are on: Make and Non-upgraded on the legacy.

For more information, refer to Affiliate program upgrade FAQ.

Viewing affiliate statistics and commissions

Affiliates can view their affiliate link, commission information, and user statistics from the Dashboard.


The dashboard has:

  • Earning panel: This shows the total earnings, balance amount, minimum payout, and organizations required to qualify for receiving the commission. Affiliates can click Request Payout to receive the commission.

  • Your affiliate link: Affiliates share this link with their users for registering or upgrading to Make.

  • Orgs. brought: Shows the number of organizations and users registered using the affiliates referral link.

  • Conversion rate: This shows the data on both paid (registration vs. paid) and overall (clicks vs. registrations) conversion rates.

  • User and Organization tabs: Shows the complete statistics of the referred users and organizations.

Getting Payments

Affiliate commissions are paid only through 


  • At the moment, Make does not support other payment methods.

  • To get your first commission, you have to bring three unique customers. 

    The minimum payout amount is $100. When an affiliate reaches $100, they will receive the payout.

Opting out of the affiliate program

To opt-out of the affiliate program, write an email to and remove all the links/references from your social media accounts or any where else you have added.